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My Patriot Supply vs 4Patriots: New Winner for 2023?

As we navigate the uncertainties of the world, emergency preparedness is increasingly becoming a priority for many.

Among the many considerations for emergency readiness, food security stands out as one of the most important aspects.

Two key players in the emergency food supply market are My Patriot Supply and 4Patriots.

This article seeks to provide an in-depth comparison between these two companies, focusing on their key features, food options, pricing, and overall value proposition.

Features Comparison

When choosing the right emergency food supply company, you’re not just buying food; you’re investing in features and benefits that enhance the overall value of the product.

Let’s explore how My Patriot Supply and 4Patriots stack up in this department.

My Patriot Supply Key Features

a food kit from My Patriot Supply

My Patriot Supply stands out in the industry due to its diverse and customer-centric features. The following elements are particularly noteworthy:

  1. Wide variety of food options: The brand has gone the extra mile to provide a large selection of food items that cater to a variety of taste preferences and dietary needs. Their offerings include fruits, vegetables, proteins, and grains, plus a number of specialty options such as gluten-free and vegetarian meals.
  2. Long shelf-life: Food storage is a long-term investment, and the 25-year shelf-life of most My Patriot Supply food items ensures that your investment will not go to waste. This extensive shelf life is achieved through expert packaging and preservation techniques, including low-oxygen packaging and the use of oxygen absorbers to extend freshness and flavor.
  3. Easy preparation: Convenience is key when dealing with emergency situations. My Patriot Supply’s food items are freeze-dried and packed in a manner that only requires you to add water for preparation. Some meals don’t even need cooking, making them perfect for situations where resources are limited.
  4. Transparent labeling: My Patriot Supply values transparency and ensures that all packages clearly list their ingredients and nutritional information. This allows customers to know exactly what they’re consuming, which is particularly crucial for those with dietary restrictions or allergies.
  5. Survival gear and water filtration: Besides food, My Patriot Supply offers survival gear, water filtration systems, and heirloom seeds. This means you can source almost all your survival needs from one place, making it a one-stop-shop for emergency preparedness.

4Patriots Key Features

a selection of survival food from 4Patriots

4Patriots has also made its mark in the emergency food supply sector with its impressive features:

  1. Curated meal kits: Unlike many competitors who sell individual food pouches, 4Patriots has carefully selected and combined their food into meal kits. This offers convenience to customers as they don’t have to spend time picking out individual items. Their meal kits focus on various meal times, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even an offering for coffee.
  2. 25-year shelf life: Like My Patriot Supply, 4Patriots food items also have a long shelf-life of 25 years. This is achieved through rigorous processing and packaging techniques that help maintain taste and nutritional value for many years.
  3. Easy-to-prepare meals: The meals are packaged in Mylar pouches, which protect the food from external elements and extend their shelf-life. Preparation is easy, often requiring only water. This can be a significant advantage in emergency scenarios where cooking options may be limited.
  4. Sustainable packaging: Sustainability is a core part of 4Patriots’ approach. They package their food in lightweight, high-tech food pouches designed to minimize environmental impact. The packaging not only has a smaller carbon footprint but also helps in maintaining the food’s quality.
  5. Solar-powered products: Apart from food, 4Patriots has developed solar-powered products, such as the Patriot Power Generator and solar cell phone charger, which can be crucial for survival in situations where power is scarce. This focus on energy solutions sets 4Patriots apart.

Both My Patriot Supply and 4Patriots offer comprehensive solutions for emergency food supply and have unique features that cater to different customer needs. Your choice will depend on your specific requirements, preference for variety versus convenience, and interest in associated survival gear.

Food Comparison

When assessing an emergency food supply company, the quality, taste, nutritional value, and diversity of the food offerings are crucial factors. Both My Patriot Supply and 4Patriots strive to provide meals that are both long-lasting and enjoyable to eat. Here, we delve deeper into the food products offered by both companies to provide a more nuanced comparison.

A Look at My Patriot Supply’s Food

my patriot supply beef and mac

My Patriot Supply’s commitment to a broad variety of food options is evident in their product range. Their emergency food supply includes:

  1. Meals: They offer a diverse set of meal options ranging from breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. These meals are carefully designed to provide an optimal balance of nutrients while retaining a good taste. They include dishes like “Traveler’s Stew,” “Creamy Chicken Flavored Rice,” “Mac & Cheese,” and “Pancake Mix.”
  2. Fruits and Vegetables: For those seeking healthier options, My Patriot Supply offers freeze-dried fruits and vegetables. These can be eaten directly or rehydrated and used in cooking.
  3. Meat and Protein: They offer protein packs containing freeze-dried chicken and beef that can be added to other meals to increase protein content.
  4. Gluten-free and Specialty options: My Patriot Supply also caters to those with specific dietary restrictions. They offer gluten-free options and even a survival pizza kit.

Customers generally report that the meals are flavorful and easy to prepare. While the taste of long-term storage food can never quite match up to fresh food, My Patriot Supply’s offerings are reported to be among the better tasting in the industry.

A Look at 4Patriots’ Food

4patriots mashed potatoes

4Patriots’ offerings are more streamlined compared to My Patriot Supply, but they focus heavily on taste and comfort:

  1. Meal Kits: 4Patriots offers meal kits for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These kits include a variety of dishes, ensuring you won’t grow tired of eating the same food during an emergency. They include “Heartland’s Best Mashed Potatoes,” “Blue Ribbon Creamy Chicken Rice,” and “Granny’s Home Style Potato Soup.”
  2. Snacks and Drinks: 4Patriots also offers snack bars, creamy whey milk, and coffee to complete your meals.
  3. Gluten-free options: While not as diverse as My Patriot Supply, 4Patriots does offer a number of gluten-free meals for those with dietary restrictions.
  4. Comfort Foods: A unique aspect of 4Patriots’ food supply is their emphasis on comfort foods. They understand that familiar tastes can provide a psychological boost in a survival situation. So, they offer classic comfort dishes like “Mac & Cheese” and “Country Cottage Macaroni & Cheese.”

Customers of 4Patriots generally report satisfaction with the taste and variety of the meals, despite the offerings being less diverse than those of My Patriot Supply.

In conclusion, while both companies offer high-quality, easy-to-prepare meals, My Patriot Supply stands out for its variety, while 4Patriots impresses with its curated meal kits and comfort food options. The choice between the two will largely depend on personal preference.

Pricing Compare

The cost of an emergency food supply can be a significant investment, and as such, understanding the pricing structure of the available options is crucial. My Patriot Supply and 4Patriots both offer various products and packages at different price points, each catering to specific budget ranges and customer needs.

Keep in the mind, these prices were current at the time of publication are subject to change at any time…

My Patriot Supply Pricing

My Patriot Supply is known for its competitive pricing and variety of options that accommodate various budgets. Their pricing structure depends on the quantity and type of food purchased. For example:

  1. Long-term Food Supply: A 1-year supply of food for one person (averaging 2,000 calories/day) can range from around $1,800 to $2,000.
  2. Short-term Food Supply: For shorter-term options, a 4-week supply of meals (approx. 2,000 calories/day) typically costs around $200, while a 1-week supply can be about $70.
  3. Individual Food Pouches and Kits: The cost of individual pouches and kits varies greatly depending on the contents. For instance, a pouch of freeze-dried sliced strawberries may cost around $20, while a 72-hour kit comprising 16 servings of various meals may be priced at approximately $25.

Additionally, My Patriot Supply frequently has sales and offers bulk discounts, which can make their products even more affordable. They also offer Sezzle Financing, which allows you to buy now and pay later in four installments over six weeks, with no interest.

4Patriots Pricing

4Patriots also offers a range of options to cater to different budgets, but their pricing is generally slightly higher than My Patriot Supply. For instance:

  1. Long-term Food Supply: A 1-year supply for one person (approx. 2,000 calories/day) is generally priced around $2,300 to $2,500.
  2. Short-term Food Supply: A 4-week supply of food (approx. 2,000 calories/day) is typically priced at around $250, while a 1-week supply tends to be about $80.
  3. Meal Kits: A 72-hour food kit with 16 servings of meals is priced at around $27.

4Patriots also has frequent sales and offers financing options through Affirm. This can help make their products more affordable by allowing customers to make monthly payments over 3, 6, or 12 months.

When comparing the pricing of My Patriot Supply and 4Patriots, it’s crucial to consider both the initial price and the cost per serving. While 4Patriots may have a higher initial cost, they often include more servings per package, which can bring down the cost per meal. As always, it’s important to assess your personal needs and budget before making a decision.

You Should Pick My Patriot Supply if…

When considering which emergency food supply to invest in, individual needs and preferences play a crucial role. You might want to choose My Patriot Supply if the following factors are important to you:

  1. Variety of options: If you like a wide range of options to choose from and would like to customize your emergency food supply to your specific taste preferences, then My Patriot Supply is a great choice. They offer an impressive selection of meals and individual food items. This is especially beneficial for families with varied food preferences or individuals with specific dietary requirements.
  2. Value for money: My Patriot Supply’s prices are quite competitive, especially given the quality and shelf-life of their food items. If you are cost-conscious, this brand might be a good fit. Their regular sales and bulk discounts can provide additional value.
  3. Clear labeling: My Patriot Supply is transparent with their ingredient and nutritional information, which is crucial if you have dietary restrictions or are health-conscious. Knowing what you’re consuming in an emergency situation can provide peace of mind and maintain your health.
  4. One-stop shop for survival gear: Besides food, My Patriot Supply offers a wide array of survival gear, including water filtration systems, survival kits, and heirloom seeds. If you’d like to prepare for all aspects of an emergency situation in one place, this company can meet those needs.
  5. Long Shelf Life: If you’re planning for long-term emergencies or want to invest in a food supply that won’t spoil for decades, My Patriot Supply is an excellent option. Most of their food items have a 25-year shelf life.
  6. Excellent Customer Service: The company is known for its responsive and helpful customer service. If you value reliable support and want assistance in choosing and maintaining your food supply, you’ll likely appreciate My Patriot Supply.

In conclusion, My Patriot Supply is a versatile and reliable choice for emergency food supplies, offering a wide range of options and providing great value for the price. Their customer-centric approach and commitment to quality make them a favorite among preppers and survivalists.

You Should Pick 4Patriots if…

When deciding on the right emergency food supply for you, consider 4Patriots if the following aspects align with your needs and preferences:

  1. Convenience of pre-selected meal kits: 4Patriots stands out with their curated meal kits. If you prefer not to spend time picking out individual items and would like to rely on pre-selected combinations, this brand might be for you. The kits are designed with balance and taste in mind, taking the guesswork out of meal planning.
  2. Focus on comfort foods: During an emergency, familiar and enjoyable food can be a significant morale booster. 4Patriots focuses on traditional, comfort food selections that many people are accustomed to, making their meals not just sustenance, but also a source of comfort in difficult times.
  3. Sustainable packaging: If you are environmentally conscious, you may appreciate 4Patriots’ commitment to sustainable packaging. Their lightweight, high-tech food pouches are designed to reduce the environmental footprint.
  4. Solar-powered products: 4Patriots stands out with their range of solar-powered products, including a generator and a cell phone charger. These could be essential in power outage situations and are a good complement to your emergency food supply.
  5. Gluten-free options: Although their range is not as broad as My Patriot Supply, 4Patriots does offer a number of gluten-free meals. If you or a family member have dietary restrictions, these options might be appealing.
  6. Long shelf-life: Like My Patriot Supply, 4Patriots also offers food with a long shelf life (25 years for most items). If you’re looking for a long-term investment, 4Patriots meets this criterion.
  7. Financing options: If you prefer to spread the cost of your investment over time, 4Patriots offers financing options. You can pay for your purchase over several months, which can make it more manageable.

4Patriots is an excellent choice for those who value convenience and comfort, offering pre-selected meal kits and comfort foods in environmentally friendly packaging. Their focus on solar-powered products and financing options also makes them a unique and flexible choice in the realm of emergency food supplies.


Both My Patriot Supply and 4Patriots offer high-quality, long-lasting emergency food supplies. They both excel in long shelf-life, easy preparation, and providing adequate nutrition.

My Patriot Supply stands out for its wide variety of options and competitive pricing, while 4Patriots shines with its curated meal kits and emphasis on comfort foods.

In the end, the choice between My Patriot Supply and 4Patriots will depend on your personal preferences, dietary needs, and budget.

Regardless of which you choose, both companies provide reliable solutions for emergency food preparedness.